Thursday, March 5

Investigating Bush


Sheldon Whitehouse (D) R.I. talks about the prospects of a truth commission to investigate crimes commited by the Bush Administration. I've liked him ever since the U.S. attorney firing scandal broke. He, Sen. Feingold (D, Wis), Barbara Boxer (D, Ca) and a few others came out looking like they actually cared about the law.

I like how Senate dems seem to be serious about this whole investigation thing. Pelosi came out recently on Rachel Maddow's show talking about this as well. 

The only questions that remain seem to be. What's the best way to go about this? A congressional commision? If so is immunity on the table?  Or a special prosecuter. Pelosi seems to indicate that a commision could lead to immunity. Whitehouse says that it's too early to use a special prosecuter, and one could be used later. Also, i wonder how the Obama administration is going to come down on this? They have been super cautious when talking about it. Presumably because they dont want congress taking awa any power from the executive branch. I guess we'll see in a few months.  

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